Getting Hygge with it

OK, we’ve had our fun, it’s pronounced “HYOO-gah” and it’s sweeping the world one nation at a time. Originating from Denmark, it has no literal translation,  probably because it means something slightly different to everyone. It’s malleable, works with you not against you, kind of like the god-send that is stretch denim jeans (amirite?)

But if you’re ready to embrace Hygge, there are some things you should stick to:




A warm, cosy atmosphere is an absolute must for it to be Hygge. Bathe in ambience by scattering tea lights everywhere (be safe though!). There is nothing more relaxing and soothing than a few flickering candles in the room.



Put down the mobile


Phones are a massive part of life for us, you’re probably reading this on one now. Not only is it a non-hygge activity, Look at this article on how they can negatively impact you. In short – Put in on silent, in a draw and kick back with tip number three.


Become the bookworm


Books go hand in hand with Hygge – Just drift away from reality and enter your own world.

Obviously we have a couple of recommendations:

The little book of Hygge  

Scandinavian Comfort Food: Embracing the Art of Hygge

The second book does lead us nicely into our best and final section


You are what you eat


Can you really be comfy without comfort food? No, Don’t be an English pillac, be a Danish legend and indulge in some Scrumdinavian (definitely not sorry) dishes.

Here’s some simple, warming recipes to savour:

Toffee Apple Gingerbread Loaf

Slow Cooked Porridge

Sausage and Bean Casserole

Thank you stretch denim, thank you!


Such Hygge, many cosy, wow.

Hygge probably isn’t going to solve the world’s problems, but it’s hard to imagine that sitting down to meals and sharing warmth with our community is going to make things worse.

We hope this introduction into Hygge serves you well and that we did the Danes proud. If you want to take your new found knowledge and take it a step further, we’re hosting our very own Hygge evening at Oliver’s on Thursday the 2nd of February.

More information about the evening can be found HERE


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